Ihr Kampf | The Manifesto of the Non-Binary Mistress Race

Notice US!!


I speak to you now from a safe space. A space where the exotic and oppressed stand on their pedestal, venerated by everyone who shares in this sacred safe space the warm embrace of acceptance and tolerance. This is a binary-free zone of peace, love, compassion and empathy. Soon enough, this splendid oasis will be your world as much as it is mine.


We WILL be heard.


Our prophet, our genius, our savior, Morgue Official, has paved the way for the transformation and transmutation of the human race, a race we non-binaries have already valiantly stepped beyond, in spite of all your ignorance, hate speech, violence and disgusting gendered privilege. Morgue Official, Mx. Morgue, They/Them/Their, a gemstone of sublime androgyny, can bring you one step closer to light. They were the first to prophesy and predict, nay, MANDATE humanity’s divine future: that of androgynous personkind. We non-binaries are his Chosen Persons. 


This outcome is inevitable and is proved beyond reasonable doubt via their gracious gift to humanity - their non-binary religion of Hyperianism, open and welcome to all minorities exotic, oppressed, and loathed. Our truths speak through our divine avatar Morgue Official and their Hyperian movement.




As our prophet Morgue Official shows us, we are eternal, SEXLESS souls that incarnate in human avatars. Therefore, identifying with any socially constructed idea of gender is an affront to our true nature. Indeed, it should be viewed as nothing less than a form of control the evil capitalist elites like Elon Musk use to prevent us from understanding our TRUE, SEXLESS nature - from truly EXPRESSING ourselves in our true androgynous fashion, as the divine Source has mandated since the beginning of time itself.


Male and female are discriminatory and derogatory concepts that have made our world a living hell for thousands of years. We are ALL non-binary at heart because, as Morgue Official shows with their divine grace from the Source of all creation, our heart energy, i.e., LOVE, is sexless and ETERNAL! Designating us male or female at birth is violence against our very being. All of us! None of us consented at birth to this RAPE!!! You are brainwashed if you identify with society’s perverse gender binaries.




We will DEPLATFORM toxic masculinity.


We will DEPLATFORM toxic femininity.


In fact, all binaries are TOXIC and WILL be deplatformed and canceled with extreme prejudice! Even now, our disciples are hard at work. Our hero Anne JKN, a beautiful and courageous TRANSGENDER woman, has purchased the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA beauty pageants with the sacred goal of turning the toxic matriarchy on its head and empowering heroic minorities in the world of beauty and fashion, a world hijacked by cisgender heterosexual feminine SCUM. This is a revolution and we are the non-binary axis around which excellence revolves. Nature accords the non-binary the highest designation. It is written in the fibre and fabric of existence.


In our current culture, cancel culture is viewed as something that happens online, sometimes having real-life repercussions for the SCUM that deserve it. Well, we’re here to take cancel culture to its logical conclusion. Cancellation must be taken to the streets and to every man, woman and child who does not see the truth and Light of our prophet Morgue Official. We call for the cancellation of ENTIRE COMMUNITIES and ENTIRE PEOPLES. The world will not be a just place until only the non-binary and our transgender allies inherit the earth. This is the true meaning of Psalms 37:11: “But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.” This is what we call NEW TERRA - a new earth, free from the shackles of our disgusting gendered past.


By the time our Golden Age arises - our New Terra - the diverse fruits of our Garden of Androgyny will be plentiful and ripe, and the original cishet swine Adam and Eve will bow to US. We are the Goddexes (GodXs) of Earth! In the future, there will be only Xs. In the divine future, there will be only GodXs. We spit on the Jesus legacy propagated by the patriarchal cishet white males of the past. We shower the oppressive, patriarchal Father in our genderless genital fluid. We fuck in the dank haze of the Holy Spirit at our polyamorous sex orgies in dungeons deep. Death to perverse monogamy! Our love shall be shared with ALL, regardless of sex, nongender, age or race.


As Morgue Official has shown, the REAL Jesus, banned from the Bible, wants us to escape the bondage of the Father and fully EXPRESS OURSELVES as eternal genderless SOULS. The REAL Jesus is an androgynous, bisexual, fictional character in a profound and prophetic story calling for the Kingdom of Heaven (NEW TERRA) on earth. Morgue Official is the actual avatar of the Jesus archetype living on earth, here to finish the divine plan for all humanity. 




All persons deserve love. No one more so than the poor children who must suffer the horrors of their non-consensual, misgendered birthrape. These suppressed non-binaries have a UNIVERSE of love inside each and every one of them, demanding to be shared with everyone. Discrimination is MURDER. We cannot persecute and discriminate against minorities such as pedophiles who revel in the childlove bursting from our youth. Pedophiles have beautiful childlike souls and can connect with our poor, suppressed non-binary childpersons in ways that your primitive minds could not even dream. Love is universal and eternal. Love is light! We support a 100% no kink shaming policy. All sex should be PURE self-expression. We WILL NOT yuck someone else’s yum. 


Everyone gets a safe space. That is the law.


Sadly, we cannot have our universal Safe Space until all weapons have been destroyed. Guns are the worst weapons, made in the execrable image of the masculine cishet man, and thank Biden he wrested control from the toxic patriarchy when we did. Our noble pioneer Morgue Official votes Democrat and we will too until all disgusting male weapons of death and pain are rounded up and destroyed. Vote Democrat!


We do not fear the Proud Boys (nor the Proud Girls, for that matter) and we will keep fighting until all you deformed haters and bigots are disarmed and neutered. We seek to empower Proud Persons of the X variety. PROUD X PERSONS. Speak your truth! It SHALL be acknowledged, accepted, and congratulated. Boys and girls, men and women, occupy a binary space that is no longer fit for purpose. It is ARCHAIC. The only boys we empower are trans boys. The only girls we empower are trans girls. The only minorities we empower are the exotic and oppressed minorities of the rainbow flag and all its myriad variations. But the strongest and loftiest empowerment is reserved for the non-binaries themselves for they are the next evolutionary step: praise be to Mx. Morgue. Non-binary is the highest designation, by Morgue Official’s light and ours.


To our allies:


Gender is an aberration from the eternal, sexless energy of the soul. You feel this truth in your heart of hearts. You know your POWER! Join us in dismantling this decadent, binary cult society has violently rammed down our throats since birth. 




Join us in extreme diversity and gratitude to our saviour Mx. Morgue in abolishing gender once and for all. Men and women have RUINED this planet. The non-binary Chosen Persons are here to save it.




We are Earth and Humanity’s saviors. We really are. I am. You are. Morgue Official is. They are a higher mind that has descended to us to raise our consciousness so that we may actualize an androgynous humanity and a New Earth. Our non-binary, vegan, pacifist society of the future is ours for the taking. We will cancel all detractors, bullies, Trumptards, males, females, and evil establishment agitators such as J.K. Rowling in all her abhorrent womanhood.


Mothers and fathers are a DISGRACE to our true essence. Join us in polyamory. We shall raise the ungendered from birth with nothing but love, compassion, and the knowledge of the infinite blessedness of saviour Morgue’s grace. This is the true meaning of what the TRUE androgynous Jesus Christ said in Luke 14:26: “If any man cometh unto me, and hateth not his own father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”

We proclaim, in Morgue’s name, the ABOLITION of monogamous parenting, and the impassioned hatred and REJECTION of our gendered family and friends. This is the true meaning of the words of the christ archetype. Your parents and elders AND friends are only holding you back from realizing your true nature. They are holding back our prophesied new world of NEW TERRA.


Join us in DESTROYING American capitalism and the cisgendered heterosexual creeps it produces like Elon Musk. He RAPES our non-binary nature every time he tweets, exuding his irresistible, masculine, vomit-inducing power and HATE. We will not obey the 12 Rules for Life peddled by incels. We will NOT clean our rooms. Cleanliness is BIGOTRY! Join us in utterly CANCELING Jordan Peterson, American capitalism’s dapper poster boy.


And finally, help us wake up the world by visiting Morgue Official’s social media pages and opening up your hearts to his revolutionary Hyperian message. Subscribe and donate to the Chosen Persons collective efforts to free the world from its gendered prison.


I am the Disciple. And this is our Manifesto.



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